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Brackley Beach Women's Institute
bridge to the past
brief history of St. Alexis Parish
British America
Bunbury : notes on a community
Burke chronicles
By land and and by air
By-laws of the city of Charlottetown and the Acts of Incorporation, as consolidated and amended A.D. 1906
Can I tell you a story?
Canoe and I
Celts and ceilidhs
Centenary celebration and unveiling of monument erected to the memory of the Brudenell pioneers
Centenary celebrations of the settling of Valleyfield and districts and the founding of Valleyfield Congregation, 1940
Chappelle's Prince Edward Island reliable almanac 1886
Chapters in our island story
Charlottetown centennial
Checklist and historical directory of Prince Edward Island newspapers 1787-1986
Chronicles of Avonlea
Church membership roll, 1882-1920, additions 1921-22